Business Performance Benchmark Study 2017

Comprehensive 82 Page Report

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The Business Performance Benchmark Study explores strategic directions, revenue growth considerations, improvement priorities and metrics to gauge progress. The submissions from 833 participants, in 60 countries, across 12 different industries segments, provided an in-depth perspective on the current state of business performance and outlook around the world.

The study outlines strategic imperatives for 2017, impending disruptive factors and the business impact of societal factors such as trust and diversity.

It assesses the opinions of business leaders, management and individual contributors on sales and marketing effectiveness, and examines relationships between the efficacy of best practices, the degree to which a company’s customer guides its actions, and the consequent company performance.

For business leaders who are tasked with driving profitable, predictable revenue growth, or improving customer experiences, the Business Performance Benchmark Study is one of the world’s richest insight sources on how some organizations consistently perform better than others.

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