Winter 20 Release

The Altify Winter ‘20 release expands on and refines our vision for customer revenue optimization (CRO), designed to make complex sales simpler, smarter, and more connected.

This release will enable revenue teams to further maximize understanding of customers people and problems, help turn data into knowledge, and further help enterprises harmonize the buyer’s journey, from strategic planning through the sales cycle, to delivering continued customer success and future renewals.

Simple Visualization of the Customer’s Needs and their People

  • Intuitive new insight maps work like a whiteboard for your team to dynamically brainstorm on your client’s goals, pressures and initiatives
  • New relationship maps make it easy to build influence and understand the key players and personas
  • Enhanced UX, mobile and voice input to deliver ease of use
Simple Visualization

Smart Guidance, Coaching and Analytics to Improve Performance

  • New opportunity and account analytics reveal impact of Altify CRO plans on revenue and pipeline
  • Inline coaching and insights guide revenue team to improve execution
  • New guided intro wizards and in-app help coach, assisting users as they work
Smart Guidance

Share Account Data, Integrate Apps and Connect the Entire Team

  • Engage and align the entire revenue team across customer plans and actions
  • Share and reuse account and opportunity insights and relationship maps across the entire application
  • New data architecture to easily synchronize data with other applications (e.g. Anaplan, Tableau, Gainsight etc.)

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