How Augmented Intelligence can Accelerate Sales


There can be hundreds of moving parts in a long complex B2B sale.

Successful selling requires context and insights. Sales technology solutions must surface the most important data, apply the pertinent knowledge, and then present it in context, so that sales people can leverage the information quickly and productively.

Learn how the new Altify Max Augmented Intelligence platform delivers the future of selling, today:

  • Increase engagement and effectiveness
  • Get real-time notification of deal/forecast vulnerabilities
  • Benefit from personalization and real-time sales coaching

Augmented Intelligence analyzes the landscape of every deal, and proposes a path forward, while still offering transparency to allow the sales person to make the most informed decision possible, while coaching with prescribed guidance on what to do next.

Augmented Intelligence is information technology that enhances the performance of the sellers using it, increasing engagement by improving productivity, while also evolving as the knowledge base of the users grows. It starts with deep sales knowledge embedded ‘in the box’ and improves with the learning that then comes from applying the technology.

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