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Accelerate Sales Velocity with a Winning Sales Process

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Build a predictable, scalable sales business

Sales Process Management guides sellers to follow a structured, proven sales process to deliver a winning outcome for both the seller and the customer. Based on proven industry templates and configured to your own business, Sales Process Manager is a visual representation of your sales process with links to the right content and tools your salespeople need to move opportunities through the sales funnel.

Only 1 in 5 sellers understand their customer’s buying process. Companies using a structured sales process mapped to the customer’s buying cycle are 33% more likely to be high performers, and achieve a 200% improvement in sales forecast accuracy.

Using a sales process gives you insight on where you are in the sales cycle and what steps are required to progress the deal through the funnel. Following a structured process has a dramatic impact on the accuracy of your sales forecast.

Map your Sales Process to your Customer’s Buying Cycle

Understanding your customer’s buying process and building a sales process to guide sellers to reveal the right information at the right time in the buying cycle is key to accelerating sales velocity. Sellers see exactly what is required to progress the sale, and do not miss or skip critical steps.


Enable Sellers to Achieve a Win-Win Outcome

Sales processes leverage what your enterprise has proven to succeed and makes this collective knowledge available to all sellers. A sales process gives every seller an equal chance to win a deal. Onboarding time is reduced, and chances of early success increase.

Introduce Repeatable Process and Sales Consistency to Your Sales Business

Track your sellers progress through each stage of every deal. Get insight on your probability for close and projected close dates, based on objective analysis. Your sellers are speaking the same language, everyone is on the same page, you have far fewer surprises in your forecast, and you have more control over deal slippage and win rate.


Go to Market with a more Professional Sales Team

Today the job of a sales professional is to help the customer buy. Sellers enable buyers with knowledge, research, product capabilities and best practices; enabling the customer to make an informed decision and solve a business problem. Altify embeds deep sales knowledge, context and expert insights into software to make the sales experience feel easier and more intuitive, enabling sales teams to do what they do best – sell.

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The 5th largest deal in company history closed exactly on the day it was predicted eight months earlier. Sales Process Manager helped us see firsthand the accuracy of calculated close dates and value of having the knowledge built into our sales process

JP Knapp
AVP Sales Enablement, Vocera

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