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Get the Data That Matters to Drive Your Sales Velocity

Sales Performance Management is not always straightforward, and trying to maximize sales performance means front line sales managers have one of the hardest job in sales. Lack of visibility into forecast and pipeline mean sellers and their managers don’t know what deals are at risk and where to focus for maximum impact. Get the best sales performance, advice and guidance every day with built-in sales management expertise. Crush your quarter with real-time insights and coaching, visibility into the sales forecast, pipeline and team performance with our comprehensive sales performance software.

Sales Performance Management elevates sales performance by helping you understand:

What is the best cadence for managing my sales team?

What are the sales performance KPIs that drive my business?

Can I reduce risk and avoid surprises to make my sales forecast?

Are there enough deals in my pipeline and where are the risks?

What happened to my pipeline and forecast last quarter?

See the KPIs That Matter

Get real-time visibility into the actual KPIs that drive your business, such as  number of deals, average deal size, win rate and sales cycle. Benchmark your team’s performance, on an aggregate and individual basis with our sales performance software.


Get an Accurate Revenue Outlook

See what is changing in your ‘Must Win’ deals and what has impacted your forecast. Plot a roadmap from your current position to your future destination, and receive guidance on how to get back on track to win the deals that matter.

Build a Robust Pipeline

View your team’s achievement against pipeline goals, the status of each pipeline stage, and the movement in and out of the funnel. Evaluate the opportunities in Salesforce, and dig into each seller’s pipeline performance. Highlight where there are risks and get descriptive insights to inform coaching actions.


Prepare for Effective QBRs

Be fully prepared for your QBR by knowing exactly what happened in your forecast and pipeline in the previous 90 days, by pipeline stage. Have full visibility over what happened to each deal, and any change in value, so you can coach and manage with confidence. Start with our sales performance software today.

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