ALTIFY Conversation Manager: Sales Training

Connect Your Solutions to Customer’s Problems

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Enable Sales and Marketing Teams for Real Business Conversations

Sales Conversation Management guides sellers to learn about customer problems by enabling them to ask the right business questions and listen for commonly shared business issues. Customer Insight Maps allows sellers to visualize their customers’ business problems and connect them to insights and sales tools that inform and add value to every sales conversation.

Customers want to talk to salespeople who understand their business. Only 38% of first meetings result in a follow-up meeting because sellers don’t add enough value to the business conversation. In the US, sellers each waste $38,635 on average per year on meetings with prospects that didn’t progress.

Buyers reward sellers who:
1. Understand where they are starting from
2. Expand their understanding of their business problem
3. Provide valuable insights into the business and the market
4. Connect the buyer’s priorities to specific solutions

Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams enjoy 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher win rates. When sales and marketing teams are aligned, communication to the customer is crystal clear – removing friction from the customer experience. Unleash the power of your sales and marketing teams with Sales Conversation Management.

Accelerate Sellers’ Credibility with Their Buyers

Customers are more comfortable doing business with people who speak knowledgeably about their business problems. Enable your sellers with customer- first messaging to uncover buyer priorities.


Enable Sellers to Have Confident Business Conversations

The Smart Sales Kit helps salespeople reveal insights, and the right sales tools to add value to the sales conversation, informing what to say and how to present your solutions. Marketing messages are consistent across the sales team, enabling faster and consistent learning. Sales messages are always up- to- date with the latest thinking.

Align with the Customer on Their Business Problems

Help your customers visually connect where your solution can help solve their business challenges. The Customer Map describes the customer business problem in a visual way that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to collaborate on the solution and achieve a win-win outcome.


Putting the Customer at the Center

Consultative, collaborative, problem-solvers are more valuable than ever. Founded on the TAS® methodology which introduced “trusted advisor” to the B2B sales vocabulary. Now we’re leading change in B2B sales, combining sales knowledge, customer context, and real-time insights and coaching into Salesforce-native applications that make sales teams more impactful when and where it matters –  helping customers succeed.

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