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End Ineffective Sales Calls

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Create value from every sales meeting.

Collaborate and make sure objectives are met.

According to Forrester Research, only 25% of sales calls with executives result in a follow up call.

According to Altify’s Buyer / Seller Value Index 2016, buyers find only 49% of meetings valuable. It’s no wonder, when so many sales people have a standard approach to sales meetings, failing to take the initiative to truly understand the customer’s business needs.

As sales professionals, we need to make meetings more meaningful for our customers. We need to collaborate on how we are going to create value during the sales call.

Sales Call Planner enables sellers to plan better calls utilizing the world’s most effective call planning methodology built into software that drives sales teams to produce better outcomes from every meeting.

Strategically Plan the Call

Call Planner guides you to collaborate with your sales team on the objectives of the meeting so that everyone has the same understanding of the purpose. Craft high yield questions to guide your customer to uncover more insight about their business problems, while also helping you achieve your objectives for the call.


Easily Capture the Outcome

It’s essential to capture the result of the meeting – on the go – while it’s still fresh in the minds of the participants.  Team members can annotate the call plan with their impression of how the call went, any new contact information and follow-up actions agreed.

Create Value from the Call

Collaboratively review the sales teams’ perspectives and outcomes to identify the best possible path forward to progress the opportunity.  Make sure that the objectives of the call were met and ensure that follow-up activity is completed and the next call is planned.


Successful Sales Calls are where Opportunities are Won

There is only one first impression.  Planning and preparing properly for every sales meeting demonstrates your commitment to create value during the sales experience.  Consistently meeting your buyer’s expectations for time well spent can only enhance the likelihood of a successful sales outcome.

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