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Grow and Maximize Revenue in your Key Accounts

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ALTIFY ACCOUNT MANAGER enables sales people to deepen their understanding of the buyer’s business pressures, goals and obstacles, uncovering hidden opportunities for mutual value. The solution maps the ‘whitespace’ and political landscape, and then guides sales people to create and win new business in their key accounts. 

Successful Account Planning helps you...

  • Discover unresolved business problems
  • Align with the customer’s strategy
  • Gain executive access
  • Uncover whitespace
Account Manager - Insight Map
  • Accelerate cross sell / up sell
  • Develop and win non competitive deals
  • Understand business value delivered
  • Foster greater customer loyalty / retention

Discover, develop, and win new business
by putting the customer at the center

Progressive sales organizations employ account planning as a core part of their customer revenue optimization strategy. Account Manager provides an intelligent framework for execution of Account Planning activities across the revenue team.

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Sales Organizations

Sales organizations with a defined Account Planning process are 41% more likely to exceed revenue targets.

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Deal Size

Average deal size when selling to existing customers is 62% larger than when selling to new customers.

360-Degree Overview

Plan Overview provides a visual summary of your account plan, surfacing the most important and actionable information, so you can review the plan essentials all in one place. The entire revenue team can easily collaborate on plan progress, plan objectives and actions, customer insights, and team resources.

AM Account Summary
AM Opportunity Map - Uncover Whitespace

Uncover Whitespace

Pursuing whitespace is a highly successful strategy. Mapping out where your solutions can deliver value, and cross-referencing that with where you have already deployed your solutions builds a visual representation of potential opportunities to create new value and identify gaps that your solution can address.

Align Selling with Buyer Motivation

Sellers gain insight into what customers’ value by uncovering their goals, pressures, initiatives and obstacles, to truly understand what is driving their motivation to buy. Understand the challenges they face in their business to devise solutions that deepen the value you provide.


With the ability to create notes as you uncover new insight, you can drag and drop new information into your insight boards as you verify accuracy with your customer to help you develop a compelling story to achieve a win-win outcome.

AM Relationship Map - Navigate your Buyer’s Organization

Navigate your Buyer’s Organization

Identify key decision makers and influencers, to determine who is a supporter and who needs additional support. With the new ability to manage and track levels of relationship, you can sharpen your focus and attention on winning mindshare from the right people to improve your sales cycle. Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to leverage rich account and contact information directly from your Altify Relationship Map.

Continuous and Actionable Account Plan Reviews

Use best practice process and methodology to align the entire revenue team around the customer. Structured account reviews enable capture of revenue team input on existing plans (questions, gaps, and recommendations, etc.) and to create and track team actions directly in the application.

AM Test & Improve - Continuous and Actionable Account Plan Reviews
AM Account Management Analytics - Increased Visibility of KPI’s

Increased Visibility of KPI’s

New account management analytics enables sales leaders and sales operations to quickly compare performance of account plans when using the solution vs. not, and the positive impacts of following best practice for future success. Delivered out of the box with Salesforce Einstein or utilizing Tableau’s data visualization platform, with capability to operate with other leading analytics solutions.

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