Customer Revenue Optimization

Helping companies to generate value with every customer interaction to grow revenue

Opportunity Manager | Relationship Map | Opportunity Manager Mobile | Winter ’20

Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) helps sales teams win the opportunities that matter, grow revenue in their key accounts and improve sales execution by aligning the extended revenue team. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Altify’s CRO applications help thousands of salespeople, sales leaders and executives achieve sustained customer revenue optimization and sales success.

Unlocking revenue growth by providing a better customer experience

CRO combines Altify’s deep understanding of sales strategy and best practices, sales methodology, and applications enabled with augmented and artificial intelligence to accelerate guided selling. This is a radical re-imagining and modernization of the traditional CRM model and now ensures organizations truly put customers at the center of the business.

  • Harnessing the knowledge of the entire enterprise to understand the customers’ business problems
  • Improving revenue capability and execution by moving from selling products to enabling customer outcomes
  • Continuously optimizing all organization resources to drive better experiences and unlock more revenue
  • Making every employee part of the revenue team

Augmented Intelligence

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Deep Sales Knowledge

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Expert Insights

Our CRO applications deliver deep muscle memory from a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies, and the insights from your own business. We guide users on what to do next to progress a sale, to trigger the next action, to increase the seller’s knowledge, and achieve increased sales results, every day.


Key Differentiators

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End-to-End Customer-Centric Guided Selling Approach

Guided selling that informs the seller and sales manager on next steps and considerations in context of where they are in the selling process.


Deeply Embedded within

The only revenue optimization applications delivered natively in Salesforce, allowing for enterprise scalability and performance with faster customer implementation on the world’s most trusted CRM platform.

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Augmented Intelligence-Focused Applications

World’s first and only augmented intelligence CRO applications deliver real-time notifications and immediately addresses events in the buyer’s journey.

Altify's engine is a new model for creating and distributing augmented intelligence.

By filtering the data for the important indicators – called Insight Signals – and interpreting what the signals mean in the business of sales, Altify highlights vulnerabilities in a sale and provides intelligent coaching on how to approach the situation.

Explore our CRO applications

Sales Process Manager

Sales Process Manager

Build Repeatable Winning Sales Processes
Opportunity Manager | Relationship Map | Opportunity Manager Mobile | Winter ’20

Opportunity Manager

Win the Opportunities that Matter
Account Manager - Opportunity Map Summary | Relationship Map Mobile | Winter ’20

Account Manager

Grow and Maximize Revenue in your Key Accounts

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eBook: Sell Value. Change the World. Customer Revenue Optimization

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