Kelley Orcutt

Closing the Gap Between Business Development & Sales

The intersection of Business Development & Sales has always been a thorny issue for organizations. Making sure that the business development team is in lockstep with their sales counterparts is far from a given. In this chat, we talk about best practices in leading a BDR team and why they are crucial to driving long term business growth.

About Sean’s Guest, Kelley Orcutt:

Kelley Orcutt is the Senior Manager of Business Development for Zuora’s EMEA business, where she leads a team of top-performing individuals and two managers out of the London and Paris offices. Kelley joined Zuora in 2015, originally working in the Boston office as a Business Development Representative before relocating to London to lead the EMEA BDR team. She is passionate about building diverse, high performing teams, leading leaders, coaching individuals to reach their potential, and building strong cross-functional relationships across Marketing, Alliances, BDRs, and Sales to achieve exceptional results. 

March 12, 2020

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