Altify Reports focuses on delivering learning and sales insights to revenue teams to better equip them to succeed. We believe that it is part of our role to identify trends and best practices to help sellers guide their customers in every engagement, increasing the mutual value transacted.

Hot Vendors in Customer Revenue Optimization – According to Aragon’s new report Hot Vendors in Customer Revenue Optimization 2019, consistent sales is vital to revenue attainment and the overall growth of an enterprise. Download here

Customer Revenue Optimization: Automate Sales or Get Left Behind – Aragon’s Research points to the fact that Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) is a must-have for any complex sales organization to stay competitive by enabling a guided selling environment to deliver predictable revenue growth. Download here

The Customer Revenue Optimization Benchmark Study 2019, this report gives you a window into the thinking and top priorities of businesses and executives for 2019; with an emphasis on sales and marketing leadership and execution. Download here

The Business Performance Benchmark Study 2018a barometer of business leaders and the issues they face today. Download here

The Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index, presents the perspectives of both buyers and sellers. It is to inform those who occupy both sides of the negotiating table, and to demystify and make transparent the unknowns that get in the way of mutual value attainment. It also challenges some of the dangerous myths and statistics that are floating out there in the market that can cause unnatural and counter-productive behavior from either buyers or sellers. Download here

The Account Planning Book of Evidence Study reflects the experiences and perspectives of Account Planning and Management from respondents in 900+ companies across 62 countries, and how it is used by winning sales organizations that repeatedly outpace their competitors.

Inside the Buyer’s Mind – Buyer/Seller Value Index Industry Reports, provides considerable evidence suggesting that companies need to make interactions with buyers more productive. Our research shows some fundamental gaps between the two protagonists in the buyer/seller dance; while at the same time it uncovers areas where the level of alignment is greater than many may expect. Download here

The Business Performance Benchmark Studyexplores strategic directions, revenue growth considerations, improvement priorities and metrics to gauge progress, and outlines strategic imperatives for 2017, impending disruptive factors and the business impact of societal factors such as trust and diversity. Download here

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