Customer Reference Program

The Altify Customer Reference Program is one way we recognize you as a thought leader and expert in guiding your sales transformation journey.

The program enables you to provide guidance and share your expertise and story with a global audience, and to position you and your organization as industry thought leaders.

Outlined below are some example activities we invite you to participate in as part of our reference program. Let us work with you to tailor the right approach for your company.

Customer Videos

Brief video testimonial to share your company vision, goals and outline challenges, with an overview on how Altify solutions helped you solve them. These are typically scheduled during Altify Customer Advisory Board (CAB) events.

Case Studies

Documented customer story (1-2 pages) about your company’s challenges, the Altify solutions selected, and the key benefits/results realized. 

Speaking Opportunites

Share your company’s success story during live or virutal events including CABs, Industry Conferences, Executive Dinners, Roundtables, Podcasts and Webinars. We will help you to identify the right opportunity, develop and prepare your presentation.

Press and Analyst Activities

  • Press Release Quotes: Public quote, featured in an Altify issued press release, focused on your success with Altify solutions.
  • Public Relations/Analyst Interview: One-on-one interview with reporter or industry analyst on a specific topic or product.

One-to-One Reference Call

Reference Call: Private phone discussion between you and an Altify prospect, organized by an Altify representative, focused on your Altify solution or product area expertise.

Peer Networking Events

Attend intimate and targeted events designed to offer you an opportunity to connect with peers, share best practices and showcase your company’s success.

Altify Customer Logos

Sales and Marketing Contributions

  • Company Logo: Placement of  your company logo on the Altify website, in Altify presentations and  marketing materials.
  • Roundtable: Live, one-to-many reference call, led by you and an Altify  AE, CSM, or Executive Sponsor — discussing your Altify solution with live Q & A from attending customer and prospects.

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