Executive Sessions: Alignment & Diversity for Hypergrowth Revenue Teams

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A two-part webinar series, featured leadership from the fastest growing companies on the planet.

Part 1: How Hypergrowth Companies Build Alignment While Still Growing at Blinding Speed

How do you actually build the plane while you’re flying it?

Three top executives from some of the fastest growing companies discussed how to get sales, marketing, and operations to act as one single unit. In this roundtable discussion, each leader shared the biggest alignment challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve solved them to produce ultra high-performing revenue teams.

Part 2: How (and Why) to Build Diversity and Inclusion Into the DNA of Your Revenue Team

Everybody’s talking about it, but only some people are actually doing it.

In this webinar, a COO, CMO, and VP of Sales shared real-world examples of the challenges and solutions to one of the most complex issues facing revenue teams today: How can we make sales more diverse and inclusive? No fluff, no theories – just real experiences.

Watch the on-demand webinar

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