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Imagine having deep muscle memory from a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies, and the insights from your own business, all coming together to guide what to do next to progress a sale, to trigger the next action, to increase the seller’s knowledge and achieve increased sales results, every day.

Altify recently announced Max, the world’s first augmented intelligence platform for sales and we want to share how Max makes sales teams exponentially more effective for greater sales results.

In the webinar, you’ll see a live demo of how Max:

  • Increases Sales Engagement and Effectiveness
  • Is an early-warning system for opportunity health
  • Delivers real-time insights and ‘just in time’ sales coaching
  • Can be extended with your own business rules for optimal sales results

Listen to Altify CEO Donal Daly and Tammy Billington-Dynes, VP Products as they unveil the world’s first augmented intelligence platform for sales.

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