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  • Hexagon - Eric Chapman
  • Traction on Demand - Andrew Buckley
  • Medidata - Billy Martin
  • Brown Brothers Harriman

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Howard Young - Head of Global Sales Operations FXS

"The addition of the Altify tool gives us much more clarity on the size of the opportunity and the value of the sales proposition."

Howard Young - Head of Global Sales Operations FXS

"Altify helps us with repetition, like a football team, we all run the same play and view progress on a deal the same way - that helps bring up talent"

Anthony Verna - SVP, Strategy & Business Development

"Account Manager gave us an effective way to offer our customers a wider variety of products by uncovering the white space"

Jeff Quade - Chief Sales Officer

"What Altify has truly enabled us to do is look at what we are doing in an account, and collaborate as a team to see where there are other opportunities and synergies."

Joe DiCandilo - Group Vice President

"The most amazing success is when an account manager says YES, we got the deal as a result of our test and improve sessions."

Joerg Fischer - Head of Sales Excellence EUNO

"Sales methodology is important to us in developing consistency in how we approach our customer segment..."

Kurt Eberle - Sr Director, Healthcare Solutions

"Partnering and working with Altify has been simply amazing"

Matt Cox - VP Global Sales Operations

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