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Helping enterprise companies around the globe chart a path to sales success

"Altify helps us with repetition, like a football team, we all run the same play and view progress on a deal the same way - that helps bring up talent"

Anthony Verna - SVP, Strategy & Business Development

"Account Manager gave us an effective way to offer our customers a wider variety of products by uncovering the white space"

Jeff Quade - Chief Sales Officer

"What Altify has truly enabled us to do is look at what we are doing in an account, and collaborate as a team to see where there are other opportunities and synergies."

Joe DiCandilo - Group Vice President

"The most amazing success is when an account manager says YES, we got the deal as a result of our test and improve sessions."

Joerg Fischer - Head of Sales Excellence EUNO

"Account Manager is light-years beyond where anyone else is from the account based approach"

Maureen Blandford - Chief Marketing Officer

"Sales methodology is important to us in developing consistency in how we approach our customer segment..."

Kurt Eberle - Sr Director, Healthcare Solutions

"Partnering and working with Altify has been simply amazing"

Matt Cox - VP Global Sales Operations

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