A Customer Story


The most important lessons we learn are usually from our customers. We are extremely proud of all the great customers who use our Altify Account Manager solution to drive their Account Planning efforts and deliver enhanced value to their customers while also maximizing the revenue that they achieve. Here we are delighted to share with you Salesforce’s story of its Account Planning journey, as recounted at Dreamforce.

According to Stacey Farrell, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at Salesforce, the core challenge was that the company did not have one single process, approach or tool across its many geographies and different business segments. That led to reduced knowledge sharing and in particular inefficiencies in ramping up new hires.

Almost half of Salesforce’s 3,500 sales reps have been with the company for less than a year – that’s due to organic growth, not turnover. But most worrying, the lack of a single process led to unrealized account growth potential and sub-optimal customer relationships. So effectively Account Planning is growth planning.

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