The TAS Group Appoints Silicon Valley Growth Builder Lara Shackelford

San Francisco, CA — Aug 20, 2015 — The TAS Group, the global leader in smart sales transformation, today announced the appointment of Lara Shackelford as CMO. In her new role, Shackelford will harness her vast experience helping innovative companies grow brands and define new categories to promote The TAS Group’s groundbreaking smart sales platform.

Seal_Content_SalesTraining_Small“Lara has a rare gift for creating a culture of success that enables companies to clarify brands, and differentiate and elevate their share of voice in a crowded marketplace,” said Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group. “Her leadership will prove invaluable as we share our story and acquire new customers whose strategy is a transformative sales experience that is Google smart and Apple easy.”

Shackelford has experience working with companies ranging from small startups to behemoth organizations like Oracle, as well as QLIK, DataStax and most recently Looker. She excels at demand generation, having grown revenue at DataStax by 400 percent and the customer base to 300+ enterprise customers. At QLIK, she helped the company grow total revenue an average of 43 percent annually to $321 million, leading Gartner to call QlikTech a “marketing juggernaut.”

“What Marketo did for chief marketing officers, we are doing for chief sales officers,” said Shackelford. “But the TAS Group is hitting an even deeper pain – solving problems that sales leaders have faced for decades, allowing them to see their account planning, opportunity management, and pipeline data with visibility that was massively inadequate before. Target Account Selling is one of the most popular sales methodologies in the world, and the TAS Group is the only company to have built the wisdom of that methodology into a smart sales platform. With over 250 customers using the platform, we are seeing broad adoption across large enterprises. I intend to make sure that we communicate the value of TAS to help ease pain and accelerate deals, and increase profits for sales leaders.”