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Nigel Cullington
Nigel Cullington
Nigel Cullington is VP of Product Marketing at Altify, responsible for planning, creating and implementing the overall product marketing strategy for the company. Before joining Altify, he held similar roles at Openave Messaging and Critical Path, that helped contribute towards a successful acquisition by Synchronoss Technologies. Previously, Nigel co-founded a marketing and media agency for mobile content and technologies and held senior positions in software, publishing and internet companies. He resides in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two children.
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4 thoughts on “Why Trust and Credibility Should Drive Your Sales Strategy in 2016”

  1. AvatarTammy Billington-Dynes says:

    I love this post. Being genuine in our business transactions, truly caring about delivering value and always striving to be honest makes for a much less stressful work environment. Nice working with you William!

  2. AvatarDenise Hughes says:

    Great tips in this blog. The one that resonates most is not to push for a sale. It’s always nice as a customer to feel that a salesperson is more concerned about what you need rather than the salesperson hitting a target. Great post!

  3. Love the value perspective! Great reminder.

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