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Donal Daly
Donal Daly
Donal Daly is Executive Chairman of Altify having founded the company in 2005. He is author of numerous books and ebooks including the latest Amazon #1 Bestseller Digital Sales Transformation in a Customer First World (Nov 3, 2017) and his previous Amazon #1 Best-sellers Account Planning in Salesforce and Tomorrow | Today: How AI Impacts How We Work, Live, and Think. Altify is Donal’s fifth global business enterprise.
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3 thoughts on “12 Critical Tips for Sales Account Planning”

  1. Avatarabiya says:

    Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, It’s very helpful for this blog.Also great with all of the valuable information you have Keep up the good work you are doing well.

  2. Really enjoyable read, thanks. I feel that it is most important to continue to follow existing clients. Everyone changes, so keeping up with that helps to keep those clients.
    Richard Benchimol
    Leads Indeed

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