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Sales Qualification

How do you know which opportunities are potential winners, and which opportunities will become time-robbers that don’t lead to new revenue?

Choosing the right battles is half the skill of success in selling. When you get it right, you acquire more customers, and better quality customers, in less time.

This eBook, written by industry experts Tim Foster and Wendy Reed, will teach you these key lessons:

  • How to spot poor sales opportunities instantly
  • The 4 key questions you MUST get answers to!
  • 3 crucial bonus benefits of solid qualification
  • How to access & influence key decision makers
  • How to qualify using data in your Salesforce CRM
  • Sales Qualification cheat sheet to print off & use

Download your FREE copy of the eBook now, and put these simple steps into action. As you begin properly qualifying, you’ll find your time being spent much more effectively, as you work on fewer and better opportunities.

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