The Impact of Account Planning on Enterprise B2B Sales

53 Page Research Report

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Account planning and management is used by winning sales organizations that repeatedly outpace their competitors. We have known this for a long time, but now the research is done and the evidence is in.  With participation from 1,034 people from 942 companies in 62 countries, the Account Planning Book of Evidence Study reflects their experiences and perspective.

Key Study Findings:

  • 72% of participants cited increased understanding of a customer’s business as one of the key benefits of account planning
  • 74% of participants cited account planning results in a better win rate
  • 55% of participants cited better customer loyalty

Account planning drives revenue, increases customer satisfaction, aligns your organization to serve your customer better, and provides incredibly gratifying moments when you can see the impact of your work – both for your customer, and for your company.

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