Altify Relationship Map

Deepen Relationships with Buyers

Help Sellers Connect with the People That Matter

Sales Relationship Management enables sellers to visualize the Relationship Map of the buyer’s organization to build relationships with key players and increase win rate. Get guidance on what each influencer cares about, coupled with which sales strategy suits each buyer’s persona best. The power of visualization delivers immediate insights to the sales team.

Only 27% of sellers access most of the people that matter in a new deal.

Power doesn’t always flow down an organization’s hierarchy. Drawing lines of influence within a customer organization puts you on a path to shorten your sales cycle by spending time with the right people, at the right time, discussing the right issues.

Create a Visual Relationship Map with Salesforce Contact Data

Create a map with data from your Salesforce contact records. Get a clear visual understanding of the buyer’s organization. See with whom you should be spending time, who is a supporter and who requires more focus to win their support.


Real-time Coaching on How to Sell to Each Buyer

Relationship Map provides real- time coaching advice that interjects vital information, such as whether the person is high risk, prefers a competitor, and next steps to progress the deal. Effective coaching can help you win, and Relationship Map provides deal-specific, buyer-specific coaching, real time, when it can be most impactful.

Spend Time with the Right People

Every salesperson has lost at least one deal because they thought they were spending time with the decision makers and influencers. Relationship Map can impact your win rate by helping you to better understand the relationship landscape, how well you are positioned, and where it is worth spending more time.


Deliver Win-Win Outcomes

Today, complex sales are the domain of expert knowledge workers that add value well beyond the transaction. Success in B2B selling isn’t a one-sided outcome anymore; it’s either mutual or it’s not achieved at all. At Altify, our cause is to guide organizations to create value through the sales experience and make every connection between business buyers and sellers a win-win outcome, setting a new standard for how business is done.

We Can Help

We have clear evidence that when the Altify Platform is applied to a specific Account or Opportunity, our understanding of the customer improves - leading to a greater average deal size and a higher win rate

Dawn Sowerby
Head of Sales Transformation at BT Business, UK