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Increase Wallet Share by Improving Customer Intimacy

Increase revenue and outpace competitors by putting the customer at the center

Account Management guides sellers to deepen their understanding of the buyer’s business pressures, goals, and obstacles; uncovering hidden opportunities for mutual value. Altify Account Manager maps the ‘white space’ and political landscape – guiding sellers to create and win new business.

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Sales organizations with a defined Account Planning process are 41% more likely to meet and exceed revenue targets because you are 6 times more likely to win business from an existing customer than a new one. Account Planning is a proven strategy for achieving predictable revenue growth.

In a recent study published by Altify Knowledge, research shows Account Planning delivers higher win rates, shorter sales cycles and larger deal sizes.

Uncover Whitespace

Sellers can uncover a good deal about what their customer values by researching their goals, pressures, and obstacles, and understanding industry trends and competitors. Build comprehensive, visual pictures, so you can identify opportunities to create value and identify gaps that your solution can address.


Align Selling with Buyer Motivation

Visualize your customer’s goals, pressures and initiatives. Understand the obstacles they face daily in their business to devise solutions that deepen the value you provide.

Navigate your Buyer’s Organization

Identify key people and influencers to determine who is on your side and who needs to learn more. Focus your attention on winning mindshare of the right people and to  shorten your sales cycle.


Make Account Planning part of your Sales DNA

Account Manager provides an intelligent framework for execution of Account Planning activities across your team – increasing alignment with your customer’s strategy, communication and sales velocity. This leads to revenue growth and increased customer loyalty.

We Can Help

What’s cool about this is when you get these teams together and they start collaborating, you get opportunities generated out of this process that never existed before. We generate pipeline reports out of each session that are $20 and $30 million worth of pipeline that didn’t exist before.

Billy Martin
Director of Sales Readiness, Salesforce